Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's been a while

Yup. A whole six months without a single blog post. I do have a good excuse, though.  This little guy showed up the day after Christmas! 

So, as you can imagine, the making of stuff slowed considerably around here. 

A good amount of the sewing I've been doing is baby related, as you'd guess. These burp cloths were fun and easy to make.... 

But I have gotten some work done on actual quilts, too!  This is Bordered Periwinkle, before I started in on the actual borders. 

And sewing projects that are kind of far from quilts. This is the valance I made for my son's jungle themed nursery! Those are all individually constructed leaves, that I then attached to a long strip of fabric and mounted flush to the wall. 

I've also become a bullet journal convert, and am loving my trackers, especially for keeping track of my sewing! 

I also whipped up a poolside tote bag from some outdoor fabric I had laying around. I've been in a use-it-up mood lately!

And I FINALLY got my pinwheel wall hanging quilted and bound! 

This last week, I started what I foresee as a multi year project - creating a whole kitchen full of felt food! I'm starting with the easy stuff, like globs of mayo for play sandwiches, but am really looking forward to getting to the 3D foods soon. 

And last but not least, another baby project I whipped up this weekend. The dogs have been great with the new addition, but one of them shredded the boppy cover recently. I made this one by reconstructing the old cover and making a template out of it, and using a Jungle Bungle charm pack to make a patchwork top. 

Life is finally falling into a new rhythm around here, but I'm glad to be getting back to sewing and getting crafty a lot more regularly these days! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Clue 2 times two!

If working on one mystery while a week away from your due date is crazy, why not two?

Clue #2 for the current mystery, Allietare, was pretty simple this week..... in theory.  My biggest challenge was cutting loads of black squares on my black cutting mat.  This took me a ridiculous amount of time, but I think they're all the right size.... here's hoping!  Can you see where the fabric ends under the ruler?  Yeah, me either.

Despite that challenge, and me slicing open my left forefinger with my rotary cutter (I'll spare you the picture of that, but let's just say there was a LOT of blood and thankfully no stitches needed), I got clue #2 all done!  Perhaps it's just the Christmas spirit, but I think they look like Santa hats, right?

While I was at it, I finally finished up clue #2 for last year's Grand Illusion mystery!  I had chipped away at some of these last week, so finishing up didn't take me too long.  This was the step where I lost my stride last year, but thankfully, I have clues 4 and 5 done already as well.

Now, I just need to get back in my sewing room and start in on clue #3 for Allietare.... and finish up clue #3 for Grand Illusion.  Part of me is itching to cut into my fabrics for Celtic Solstice, too, but THREE mysteries at once?  That would just be insanity.  I'm only on the verge of that.  *wink*

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Friday Sew In Recap!

Welp, I didn't quite get everything on my to-do list done, but I couldn't be happier with how much time I spent in my sewing room this weekend!  I stretched BFSI into the whole long weekend, and had a great time working on the new Bonnie Hunter mystery.  Here are the fruits of my labor for clue #1:

That's 300 happy little half square triangles - some of them flagging a corner up to say hi!  I'm using yardage of grunge in the colorways that Bonnie suggested for the quilt, and so far, even though it's early on, I'm loving it.

One thing I did differently this year was take Bonnie's advice on chain pressing.  It sounded odd to me at first, but I decided to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did.  After chain piecing allllll those HST's, I cut them off the chain in groups of 5.  That made it very easy for me to ultimately count and pile them all up in groups of 10.  Plus, when they're pressed and still chained together, you can clip the dog ears off at the same time that you're clipping the units apart!  Whee!

While I was in my chain piecing groove, I also decided to throw some other units under the needle....

Look familiar?  Yup, that's clue #2 (I think?) from the Grand Illusion quilt last year.  I never got around to finishing it, and this is one of only 2 clues I had left.  The pieces were all cut and ready to go, and quite a lot of them were already finished, so I went ahead and got a bunch of progress made on it.  I figure that with the equivalent of only 2 clues left to that mystery, I can get it knocked out while I work on the new one.  I don't know that I ever printed out the instructions for each clue, so I went ahead and bought the pattern (available here at Bonnie's shop if you're interested) so that I can knock it out without having to try to backwards engineer the thing.

And finally, the moment of quilty zen.... ahhh.... just look at all those dogears all piled up.... ha!  I love this - it's incredibly satisfactory for me after alllll that clipping! 

Now, bring on clue #2!  (In the meanwhile, I still have all those quilts left to get sandwiched and basted, and still haven't touched the nursery window treatment....)

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Friday, November 27, 2015

It's Black Friday!

The day after Thanksgiving, and I still feel full from dinner last night....   It's Black Friday, and while hoards of people are out trying to scavenge great deals, you couldn't pay me enough to leave the house today.  Instead, for me, it's one of my favorite days of the year - Black Friday Sew In!

Here's what I'm hoping to get working on today:

 - The new Bonnie Hunter Mystery - clue #1 came out this morning!
 - A window topper for the nursery - I still have to figure out how to make some big, jungly looking leaves and turn them into some sort of topper...
 - And finally, I'm hoping to get my long overdue Star Surround Christmas quilt basted up.

(This is just one block, but it's the only pic I could find.... the whole top is actually done and ready to go!)

I've got a couple other quilts that need basting to be ready for quilting, so perhaps I can get a few knocked out....

Updates soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Busy busy busy....

Lots of stuff going on around here - not the least of which is growing a bitty little human that is due next month!  Turns out, preparing for said bitty human takes up a LOT of time, so I haven't been diligent in posting here, but here's a smattering of what I've been working on....

A felt stocking (from a kit) for the little guy... this is the same style of stocking that my mom made for me when I was born!  It also makes for good handwork at night.

I just finished this one last night, so I don't have great pictures yet.  It's a New Year's Eve wallhanging that I made for the Michael Miller Glitz challenge for QuiltCon 2016.  I'll post better pics later - including of the detail of the quilting with metallic thread.  

This is a fun quilt that I'm not quite done piecing yet... It's the MSQC pattern called Bordered Periwinkle, and I used a Persimmon layer cake to put it together.  I'm hoping to have this one done up next!

Our guild had a triangle challenge for the fourth quarter, so I put this together.... it's actually finished, so I'll hopefully have better pictures soon.  I pieced and quilted it together as a table topper, but am actually thinking of cutting into the center and rebinding it as a tree skirt.  We'll see.....

And finally, I've gotten my fabrics together for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery starting next week!  Since the mystery goes straight through my due date, I'm making it a little easier on myself by just using yardage, and I thought it would be interesting to go with a grunge print for each color.  We'll see how it goes!

I'm looking forward to my work schedule slowing down over the next few weeks while I wait for baby to arrive, and I'm hoping (perhaps foolishly) that I'll find lots of time in there to finish up some of these projects and get them moved on to their new homes.  I still have a quilty to-do list that's about 10 pages long.  However, now that the guild challenge and Michael Miller challenge pieces are done, I'm feeling a huge sense of relief that I just get to quilt for me with no more deadlines.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to go dig out the turkey wreath and get him on the door before that holiday passes me by!

Gobble gobble!