Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday Sew In Recap

I think that this year, I looked forward to the sew in more than the turkey!  Of course, as a dutiful hostess, I spent most of the week physically preparing to have the whole family over, and share a wonderful meal and a fun afternoon.  However, mentally, I spent most of the week daydreaming about what I'd be sewing up on Friday!

Full disclosure:  I did actually sneak out of the house and went to the mall Friday afternoon.  I KNOW! Crazy, right?  Hubs and I are in desperate need of a new mattress, and well, I couldn't resist Sears' half off sale.  That's a lot of dough.  We went late enough that all the crazies were done with their shopping, so it really wasn't too bad an outing, and we did get the mattress! Yippee!

Back to the good stuff - what did I sew during the sew in?  I had a couple of projects on the docket, and I'm happy to say I made progress on both.

I am still working on my giant flying geese quilt, and managed to get all the geese sewn into pairs.  I have a little thinking to do as far as how I want to manage chunking the quilt top together, but this will likely be a finished quilt top by the end of the weekend!

My big project, though, and the one that I was plotting to make for weeks in advance of BFSI, was the swirled Christmas tree wallhanging.  I've admired this pattern for a long time, and started picking out fabrics for it a couple of weeks ago.  I've also had a lot of people ask about the pattern, and it's available here on Craftsy!

It's applique, which is not a skill that I have a great deal of practice with.  I used Ez-Steam II by Pellon as the fusible, since I couldn't find Steam-a-Seam II that the pattern actually called for.  It worked very well, and I'll definitely use it again.  The only downside is that the paper backing comes off a little too easily, so I had to be very careful as I cut the shapes out.

The great thing about this project is that it uses very little fabric - it would be SUPER easy to just make from scraps - and it's pretty quick to come together!  I spent a couple of hours tracing all the swirls, and then cutting them out from the fabric.  It only took about 15 minutes to get it all arranged on the background, and then with a swipe of the iron, it was ready to go!

I decided to FMQ swirls all around the tree, just like the original pattern, to give a the look of swirling blowing snow.  I held off on actually stitching down the appliqued pieces, and am in the process of doing that now.  Normally, I quilt from the center out, but this piece is so small, I didn't really need to worry about having too much puckering.  Plus, I wanted the batting to hopefully give the appliqued pieces a little extra puff.  I know this will make for a possibly unattractive quilt back, but hey, it's a wallhanging - who cares, right?

I'm hoping to also have this finished this weekend, but there are 38 pieces to applique down, and that's a LOT of curves.

Plus, you never know, that Rainbow Irish Chain I've been plotting may just call out to me to start......


  1. Love that little swirly Christmas tree!

  2. Great recap! You are forgiven for shopping on Black Friday. ;-) I know how it is to desperately need a mattress.