Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feel the love

So, yes, there may still be a few last straggling Christmas decorations that need to be put away, but it's time to bust out the Valentine's Day decor!  I will admit, a big part of the reason why I decorate for V day is to give myself a reason to finally put away the winter stuff.  Snowmen just don't have the same charm when it's 80 degrees out...

I decided to make a few new pieces his year, since my decorations for this season are a bit meager, especially as compared to how Christmas decor covers every inch of my house in December.  Project number one had to be a replacement for my Christmas tree wall hanging.

It's just a bunch of half square triangles, made from scraps in my stash, that I tried to arrange into a heart.  It doesn't show as well as I'd like, but I'm going with it.  We'll call it "subtle" Valentine's decor...

Project number two was done entirely with scraps as well, but a different kind.  You may remember (from waaaaay back) this Valentine's Day wreath I made:

Turns out, I still had TONS of red, pink, and white felt leftover, hogging space in my sewing room.  I used exactly the same technique to make the roses, but made a kissing ball instead!

It now lives on my (still kinda sparse) entryway table, with some of my other V day stuff.

I really need something on that wall, right?  The entryway table is a relatively new resident in the house, so it's evolving, and getting a little better with each season.

What fun stuff are you making for the season? 


  1. Wow, you sure were busy. I love the simplicity of your entryway table.

  2. I love your wall hanging! And the entry way is beautiful... Gorgeous table! :-)