Monday, February 3, 2014

Little things

I finally caught the dreaded bug that had been going around, so quilting came to a bit of a standstill last week.  I felt just fine, but I always have this guilt when I make quilts when I'm sick, like I'm producing small pox blankets...

So, this past weekend, now that I'm no longer Typhoid Mary, I finally got to sew! I didn't actually get as much sewing done as I had wanted, but I managed to cross a few things off my list that have been there for a while.  

I mentioned a while ago that I went to a baby shower, and one of the gifts I made for my friend was a pacifier clip.  It got rave reviews from others at the shower, so I decided to make some for my Etsy shop!  

I made about a dozen of them this past weekend.  Even better, I actually took the photos and got the Etsy listing live! 

While I was on a roll, I finally got pictures taken of a few other items that have been sitting in my studio for a while.  I took photos of my tissue cozies....

My coffee cozies....

And terry cloth baby washcloths!  

So, even though I didn't get too much actual sewing done, I feel soooo glad to get all this done!!